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“before we see you as a patient, we see you as a person”

…smart, hardworking, and unique - striving for balance and a full, healthy life, and who sometimes needs relief.

We are committed to helping our patients reach a higher baseline of health and well-being.

Central to our approach is a focus on coherence within your neuro-structural system – your body’s informational and force conducting system.

When there is distortion rather than coherence within your neuro-structural system, imbalances occur and secondary conditions in various body systems under neuro-structural control arise.

Secondary conditions such as un-resolving muscle tension, numbness/tingling in the limbs, sciatica, anxiety, depleted energy, sleep disturbances, and others can be important indicators of neuro-structural distortion. These conditions can be thought of as a call for change at a more foundational neuro-structural level.

If left to exacerbate, many of these secondary concerns result in inflammatory and degenerative conditions, creating difficult movement, chronic pain, and ultimately affecting your quality of life.

This is where we can help. Through shifting distortion and tension in your neuro-structural system toward coherence and ease, your body’s own self-regulating mechanisms can be re-established. A healthy normal baseline of neuro-structural coherence allows your body to operate from a strong physiological foundation – to repair, remodel, self-correct, and be well.

Please call for a complimentary consultation (just a conversation) to meet with Dr. Kimberly Higney to learn more.

We are proud to serve patients from the Seacoast and beyond.

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